Chaucer Cameron

Chaucer Cameron


Chaucer Cameron’s poetry films have been screened at poetry festivals and film festivals, including Swindon and Cheltenham Poetry Festival, UK; Video Poetry Festival, Athens; Silencia, Lisbon; Sadho, India. Chaucer’s poems have been staged and screened, and published online, in journals and anthologies. Chaucer’s latest work, Wild Whispers, is an international poetry film project working with collaborators from UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Taiwan, France, South Africa, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the US, creating poetry films in English, Malayalam, Chinese, French, Afrikaans, Dutch, American Sign Language, Navajo, Spanish, and Welsh. Chaucer co-edits the online poetry film journal, Poetry Film Live.

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Panel: Poetry Film

10:00 - 11:15
The Barn, Corsham Court