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What is MIX?

Bath Spa University’s College of Liberal Arts, with its stellar Creative Writing Department, is at the forefront of both research into and teaching of creative practice across many forms.

MIX has established itself as an innovative forum for the discussion and exploration of writing and technology, attracting an international cohort of contributors from the UK, Australia, and Europe as well as North and South America.

MIX 2021 will take place in a hybrid form with an increased focus on making alongside two of our other favourite activities, thinking and talking. We are currently planning for a blended event that brings people together online and, if possible, at our gorgeous new Locksbrook campus, which houses our schools of art and design.


When will MIX 2021 be held?

Saturday 3rd July – Tuesday 6th July 2021. We will be hosting two days of making on Saturday 3rd July and Sunday 4th July followed by two days of papers, presentations and discussions on Monday 5th July and Tues 6th July.

Can I submit as an individual or do I need to be part of a panel?

Either. We welcome submissions from individuals as well as research teams. Individual papers will be programmed into panels by the conference organisers. We also welcome panel submissions of up to three papers. If you are proposing a panel, each person will need to present their own paper or presentation.

Can I submit a joint paper or presentation?

Yes. We welcome papers and presentations given jointly by more than one person.

What’s the difference between a paper and a presentation?

We want to include both academics and creative practitioners at MIX. If you are an academic you might be more familiar with presenting a paper and if you are a practitioner you might be more accustomed to presenting your work in a talk. For clarity, we are looking for 15-20 minute papers or presentations explaining your project or research.

Can I present on a creative project that I didn’t develop myself?

Yes. We’d love to hear about projects or work that you think would be interesting to the MIX audience. You don’t need to have been involved in their creation.

Will I need to present my full paper or presentation at the conference?

In our blended conference format, if your submission is accepted you will need to submit your full paper or presentation in advance of the conference, either in video, audio, or written format, by 1st June 2021. At the conference, you will present a live 5 minute summary of your paper, followed by discussion. You will be given full details of this process if your paper or presentation is accepted.

Will there be an opportunity to publish my paper or presentation after the conference?

Yes. MIX is collaborating with the International Journal of Creative Media Research to produce a special issue on Amplified Publishing, open to anyone who presents at MIX 2021.

When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submission is Monday 22nd February 2021.

What are the Maker Sessions?

Our Maker Sessions will be a chance to explore our conference themes through making. We will include creative workshops, led by experts and experienced practitioners in the field. The festival will take place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July 2021. We will be sharing full details over the next few months.

Do I need to attend MIX in person? Can I attend virtually?

This year, MIX is a blended conference, which means that you can attend either in person or virtually. We welcome in-person or virtual presentations but you don’t need to have decided which is best for you at the time of submission.

What happens if a lockdown or government restrictions due to Covid-19 stop me from attending MIX in person?

You will be able to attend the conference virtually. If you have bought an in-person ticket you will be able to exchange it for a virtual ticket and we will refund the difference.

What will happen if in-person conference attendance is not possible in July 2021 due to local Covid-19 restrictions?

We will move the conference from a blended format to a virtual format. If you have bought an in-person ticket you will be able to exchange it for a virtual ticket and we will refund the difference.

Will you include live captioning at the conference?

Yes. All papers, presentations and keynotes will be live captioned.

Is Locksbrook campus accessible?

All the rooms used for the conference are wheelchair accessible and can be accessed by lift. All toilets are accessible and are on every floor of the building. You can find more detailed information on AccessAble. Please email if you have any other access needs.

How much will tickets to MIX 2021 cost?

If you attend in person:
Full pass (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th July 2021) £150
Conference pass (5th and 6th July 2021) £80
Maker Sessions pass (3rd and 4th July 2021) £80
(Please note that some of the Maker Festival will be virtual)

If you attend virtually:
Full pass (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th July 2021) £75
Conference pass (5th and 6th July 2021) £40
Maker Sessions pass (3rd and 4th July 2021) £40

When will tickets be on sale?

Keynote Speakers


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