Melanie Frances


Melanie Frances is a digital storyteller and a creative mathematician. She creates multi- and interdisciplinary artworks, combining gaming and performance to build responsive, meaningful and dynamic interactive experiences. Her practice sits at the intersections of play, art, tech and maths.

She uses technology and transmedia approaches to create projects that bleed between the digital and the physical world, and play with liminal space between them. Her background is in Mathematics, and much of her practice is informed by mathematical concepts and structures. She is fascinated by the ways that systems of all types – social, mathematical, political, environmental – relate to emotions and behaviours, and to ideas less rigorously defined – fear, doubt, hope.

Melanie is also the Joint Artistic Director of digital interactive arts organisation Produced Moon.

All sessions by Melanie Frances

Panel 14: Beyond the Book

16:45 - 18:00