Panel 14: Beyond the Book

Lucy Telling
Lucy Christopher
Melanie Frances
06 Jul 2021
16:45 - 18:00

Panel 14: Beyond the Book

This panel showcases the Beyond the Book project, developed by creative writing incubator Paper Nations to support writers in the South-West of the UK to produce creative writing-based projects for smartphones.

Multi-prizewinning author Lucy Christopher and technologist Rajiv Edward’s project has created a fictionalised city of Bath, frozen in time-stopping fog. Utilising geolocation and other smartphone sensors, young adult readers can help the protagonist bring Bath –and the story– back to life.

Melanie Frances’s project takes place in a futuristic world. Readers act as the protagonist, a journalist who is investigating a new technology that claims to allow people to see into alternative dimensions.

Lucy Telling has used e-tickets stored on smartphones to develop an interactive experience which tells the story behind every ticket, creating an overarching narrative anchored in a sense of place.