Maker Session: body as home / phone as home

Sarah Hymas
Maya Chowdhry
04 Jul 2021
14:00 - 16:00
body as home / phone as home

Maker Session: body as home / phone as home

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body as home / phone as home 

A digitally embodied writing workshop with Maya Chowdhry and Sarah Hymas

This zoom-based moving-writing workshop invites you to explore what you understand as home, within the walls of a building, the skin of our body and its latest limb, our mobile phone. We will track our own writing and making processes to encourage you to begin making an immersive experience from an aspect of your home.

At best, capturing and communicating our immersion in a place through the technologies of language, photography and recordings can blur the sense of boundaries between the architectural, biological and technological bodies we inhabit. We hope this workshop will go some way to unpacking some of our processes around the thorny question of how to make embodied work that is digitally framed. How can audio and visual text-based work enter the body of another, and move them to experiencing a place in ways they might not have previously imagined?

Exercises and provocations will invite you to write, explore, and digitally document a space you know intimately to begin your own process of making an immersive experience through your home. While predominantly a practical workshop, we will share questions and challenges we have experienced across the various walk projects we’ve collaborated on, to inspire your own practice. 

Our hope is for you to leave with new tools for making new work, perhaps even having started on an immersive experience you would want to guide other people around. 

To participate in the workshop you will need:

  • a quiet space where you live to participate in the workshop
  • a mobile phone and a computer
  • space on your phone for the app, and video, photos, audio recordings

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