Last Writes: A verbal portraits workshop

Imwen Eke
04 Jul 2021
10:00 - 12:00

Last Writes: A verbal portraits workshop

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Last Writes is a zoom-based virtual application of a participatory process that explores and maps self-definition, individual realities and self-representation through narrative.

More and more we are hearing that people are feeling displaced. If it’s not being physically displaced through the Covid pandemic, it’s displacement experienced as a result of discrimination, bias, systemic racism, social injustice or the current economy.

This feeling of displacement makes it harder for us as individuals to feel connected to others and, more importantly, to feel connected with ourselves.

For many when asked to describe oneself they automatically refer to the physical aspects, social position or cultural heritage. The descriptors are often very narrow and boxed. We become labelled by a job title, name, address, postcode or national insurance number.

We have been conditioned to believe that self-definition, social standing and social judgement are intrinsically linked when actually this is not true!

Last Writes is a virtual ritual that empowers individuals to explore and fix their existence in the world with words of their choosing and not words chosen by family, friends or the establishment. It is a space where the individual is invited to explore, identify and organise information about themselves through a series of prompts and provocations.

Last Writes is a safe writing space for contemplation, listening and recording for up to eight people, where acceptance is practiced, respect and differing viewpoints are welcomed but unkindness is not. Taking part is optional.

The Facilitator

Imwen Eke is an Experience Designer and social games practitioner. She tours the sensorium of technology, participatory performance and gameplay to explore new conversations and narratives for culturally curious audiences. Her practice was born from the curiosity to examine interactions happening online with the impulse to make something better equipped to expand those conversations in real life. Her practice has been influenced by working for SHUNT, Punchdrunk and residencies with the University of the Underground, Blast Theory, Bryony Kimmings, B3 Talent Lab and LIFT. Imwen creates work through her company New Party Rules and is a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol and co-founder of the Livesey Exchange, a new arts and cultural centre in South London.