Keynote: Donna Hancox

01 Jul 2019
14:15 - 15:00
The Barn, Corsham Court

Keynote: Donna Hancox

Experiential Storytelling and Social Change

Story and narrative are acknowledged as powerful tools for influencing dominant perceptions and opinions of marginalised groups, and personal narratives are important mechanisms for creating social change and promoting social inclusion. Well-crafted and strategically shared stories can encourage shifts in attitudes across diverse groups in society through illuminating meaning out of patterns, revealing the universal in the individual, and creating an alternative vision for future actions.

In Australia we have witnessed the potential for storytelling and personal narratives to shift the national consciousness and direct new policy settings in the cases of the Stolen Generation, the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Childhood Sexual Abuse (and more recently into the Financial and Residential Aged Care sectors) and drawing attention to day to day challenges of drought affected remote communities. Alongside these new approaches to engaging marginalised group are evolving immersive and experiential storytelling technologies that present a number of profound opportunities for creating and sharing stories. The term “immersive and experiential technologies” recognises a number of new media technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, locative media, immersive sound scapes and projection mapping, which can engage audiences through an immersive sensory experiences.

This presentation explores how we might develop an understanding of the ways in which new technologies, specific types of stories, and audiences interact to harness their potential for a range of applications.  A number of projects and works in progress will be presented to examine where the intersection of story and technology currently sits to impactfully create and share stories for change.