Keynote Speakers

Professor Jonathan Dovey (Digital Culture Research Centre and Pervasive Media Studio at the University of the West of England)

Dr Elizabeth Evans (Assistant Professor in Film and Television Studies at the University of Nottingham)

Anna Gerber and Britt Iverson (Founders, Visual Editions)

Professor Caitlin Fisher (Director of York University Augmented Reality Lab, Toronto, Canada)


Other Speakers

Tom Abba – Walking into Space

Jillian Abbot (CUNY) – All Roads Lead Home: Using Technology, Social Media, and Creative Writing Practices to Gain and Engage Audiences

Cassandra Atherton (Deakin University) – Prose Poetry Project

Cassandra Atherton (Deakin University) – Story Bombing

Josie Barnard (University of Middlesex) The Post-Digital Creative Writing Classroom

Richard Carter (University of York) – Aeroculture: Writing the Nonhuman in the Age of the Anthropocene

Lynda Clark – Repetition or Reply?

Luca Cossettini (University of Udine, Italy) – Restaging of Luigi Nono’s Theatre

Josie Barnard (University of Middlesex) – The Post-Digital Creative Writing Classroom

Claire Dean – A Long Map

Andrew Demirjian (CUNY) – Looking at Looking: The Poetry of Visual Perception in Color Yourself Inspired (TM)

Yiota Demetriou (Bath Spa University) – Love Letters: Wearing Stories Told

David Devanney and Jack McGowan (Falmouth University) – Identifying Obstacles to Collaboration for Indie Digital Poetry Projects

Zach Dodson (Aalto University) – Hybrid Novels and Design Strategies

Zach Dodson (Aalto University) – New Approaches to Creative Writing / Graphic Design

Abram Foley – Harmony Holiday’s Afro/Astrosonics

Matt Freeman (Bath Spa University) – Small Change

Rachel Genn – Does Comedy Affect Immersion?

Jordan Glendenning (Bangor University) – Digital Tapestries

Franci Greyling – Poetry in the Botanical Gardens

Brad Gyori (Bournemouth University) – Genius Gaming

Kate Haines – Mutable Media in Africa

Gerd Hammer (Universidade de Lisboa) – Does Machine Written Poetry Need Interpretation?

Finn Harvor (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies [South Korea, Yongin campus]) – Writing Need

Finn Harvor (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies [South Korea, Yongin campus]) – Towards and Art of Anthropocene

Matt Hayler – Wandering Bodies

Sarah Haynes (Liverpool John Moores University) – A Toolkit for Fictional World Building

Paul Hetherington and David McCooey (University of Canberra) – The Word Expanses Project: Regenerating Prose Poetry as Sound and Spoken Word

Megan Heyward (UTS) – The Quintessence: An Art-Science Project Exploring Dark Energy, Physics, Alchemy and Cosmology via Locative Narrative, AR, and VR

Teri Holbrook and Melanie Hundley (Georgia State University and Vanderbilt University) – Reframing space as a field of Play for Emerging Digital Writers

Teri Holbrook and Melanie Hundley (Georgia State University and Vanderbilt University) – Page, Screen, and Performance: Developing a Print, Multimodal, and Digital Writing Pedagogy

Alastair Horne (Bath Spa University) – A Fine and Private Place: Stories in the Cemetary

Neal Hoskins – Tools and Trends in Kids’ Media

David Jackson (Manchester Metropolitan University) What is Deleted? Designing Online Story-Writing Platforms that Expose our Writing Errors

Daniel Lynch and Donna Hancox (Queensland University) – Relational World Theory: Transmedia Storyworlds at the Intersection of Print and Digital Creative Writing

Michael Marcinkowski (Bath spa University) – Poetics of Attention

Sam Meekings (Qatar University) – Instagram Narratives in the Classroom

David Millard (Southampton University) – Snowflakes in Scotland: The Role of Personal Reflection in Exploring Digital Poetics and Locative Stories

Caleb Milligan – Adventures on the Upgrade Path

Philip Monks (University of Birmingham) – The Impact of Digital Technology on the Poetry Book

Eoin Murray – The Unachievable Utopia

Ivonne Murillo (Autonomous Metropolitan University) – Instant Revealed

Bernard Odeandaal (North West University, South Africa) – The Filmverse Project as a Significant Contribution to Digital poetry Developments in South Africa

Jim Pope and Brad Gyori (Bournemouth University) – Digital Storytelling in the Community

Lizzie Ridout, M. Christoforidou and D. Star – Various Writings

Rob Sherman – Black Books

Lyle Skains (Bangor University) – Creative Hyperlinks

Amy Spencer – Authoring Uncontrollable Narratives

Dylan Spicer – The Butter Mouse: How to Build Universes with Creative Upcycling

Kate Sweeney (Newcastle University) – Capturing the Body in the Digitised Archive

Isabel Vincent (Bangor University) – Transmedia Storytelling as Stealth Marketing

Christine Wilks (Bath Spa University) – Translating the Digital Emotions of Interactive Fictional Characters

Paul Williams (University of the Sunshine Coast) – Creative Writing in the Cave

Jordan Williams and Caren Florance (University of Canberra) Teaching of Digital Reading, Writing and Adapting

Hannah Woods – Players as Protagonists for the Experience Instead of the Story: Creative Writing Techniques for Negotiating Narrative and Player Agency in Digital Playable Stories


Subject to change – Please see the Programme Page for the latest information.