Poetry Film screening

Adrian B. Earle
Sarah Tremlett
05 Jul 2021
18:30 - 19:30

Poetry Film screening

Amplified Voices: a poetry film curation by Adrian B. Earle from Think/Write/Fly and Sarah Tremlett from Liberated Words.

Poetry films are short films which blend word, spoken or as text, sound and moving image. In this curation, Adrian B. Earle and Sarah Tremlett have chosen a selection of films which showcase unusual or different approaches to creation and/or less represented voices.

Place and Time – Adrian B. Earle

Poetry film can explore voices made distant by place and time. How can translations of ancient poetry be relevant to contemporary audiences? How does our perception of time change in different situations such as waiting for a pregnancy test? How can we reclaim marginal language through poetry film and how can poetry film represent new visions of masculinity?

Voicing the More-Than-Human – Sarah Tremlett

Sarah Tremlett looks at how poetry film-makers express, in different ways, the politically and economically disregarded voices of the more-than-human in our fast disappearing fragile world ecosystems. How can the aesthetics of the ecopoetry film transcend or disrupt the androcentric viewpoint, and raise awareness of such major issues for the planet?