MIX Special Issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research 

Call for Papers


MIX is collaborating with the International Journal of Creative Media Research to produce a special issue of the journal on Experiential Storytelling. The special issue is open to everyone who presented at MIX 2019 and will be published in September 2020

The International Journal of Creative Media Research is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access academic journal devoted to pushing forward the approaches to and possibilities for publishing creative media-based research. Championing critical rigour and creative reflection, it specialises in capturing the emerging tools, approaches and methods of practice-based and practice-led research. The journal publishes original screen-based, sound-based, time-based and experiential forms of creative media research, spanning works of film, music, media art, creative and digital writing, curation practice, multiplatform and ludic artefacts that contribute to fields across Media and Game Studies, Communication and Cultural Studies, Art and Design, Music, Creative Writing, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies, or Education.

How to submit

We welcome submissions in four categories:

  • Single-Piece Explorations: Single media-based artefacts of practice-based research, including a research statement (up to 1500 words).
  • Multi-Piece Portfolios: A number of audio-visual artefacts alongside textual descriptions that guide the reader through the research function and significance of each of these artefacts, accompanied by a research statement (up to 3000 words).
  • Practice Discoveries: Text-based with the aim of advancing knowledge about a particular form of practice, or to advance knowledge within practice (up to 6000 words).
  • Issues in Creative Practice Research: Short methodological reflections on creative practice research, addressing the unique questions that arise in the course of conducting creative practice research. These can take any audio-visual form (e.g. a podcast, a blog, an interview, a video essay) but should be approximately 5 minutes in length (or 1000 words).

For more information on submission options, visit the Author Guidelines page.

All works published in the International Journal of Creative Media Research have will have undergone a double-blind peer review.

Deadline for first drafts: 1st February 2020 (In your submission, please include ‘MIX’ followed by the title of your work).

If you have any questions, email

  • Lucy English and Amy Spencer (Issue Editors)